The Roots of Nyabingi heritage center

It is located in Burera district at 56 km from Musanze town and spend two hours drive from Musanze town, when you visit THE ROOTS OF NYABINGI from Musanze you pass to Kidaho center and use Burera Belt road which pass on the shore of lake Burera enjoying the scenic view of this beautiful lake and watch the stunning birds flying around this lake. In the way to the ROOTS OF NYABINGI you pass on the GITI CY’ISHABA (luck tree) which is known for its magic of giving husbands to the girls as it is said.

Roots of Nyabingi open from 7:00 AM and close 5:00PM every day. When you get at the roots of Nyabingi, you get information about Nyabingi who was perceived like goddess by the people from Ndorwa Kingdom and ancient Rwandans, visiting the merely existing old hut which has been used by UMUGIRWA MUKURU WA NYABINGI MASUNZU ( the great priest of Nyabingi Masunzu) and you get opportunity to visit museum which created for preserving the equipment which has been used in Kubandwa and Guterekera Nyabingi ( worshiping Nyabingi)