Conservation of nature is key of sustainable tourism
development, join nature tour with Rugezi
Birdwatching Club and contribute in conservation
activities like removing plastic wastes, planting trees
and discuss added values ideas on conservation.

Burera Youth Community took initiative of conserving Rugezi Marshland as one of the biodiversity areas in Rwanda.

Burera Youth Community are youth volunteers who took initiative of conserving Rugezi wetland which is one in IBAs found in Rwanda where Rugezi marshland is home of many biodiversity species which included Grey crowned crane and craver’s Rush wasbler. This Rugezi is very important in Rwandan hydrology because it is source of water of Twin lakes (Burera and Ruhondo) through Rusumo fall which provide electric power to Rwanda.

It takes decision of planting trees around Rugezi marshland and help in persuading people to avoid degradation of Rugezi marshland through different ways which includes preparation of football competition in order to gather many people through football competition. Moreover, in order to teach conservation through young generation, Burera Youth Community created Birdwatching club which helps children around Rugezi to learn and know the importance of conserving birds and biodiversity in general especially endagared grey crowned crane and Grauer’s Rush Warblers which are found in Rugezi marshland.