Burera Youth Community has done Guide Formalization Tour

May 8, 2019

A group of Burera Youth Community staff, guide and members from Butaro; from 4th May 2019, up to 7th are carrying tourism and conservation Guide Formalization Tour aiming to (1) Update guide on available tourism products in Burera district. (2) Discover other new products available in Burera district.

 Day 1 (3rd May 2019): Rwingona Hiking

Day 2 (4th January 2019) : Rugezi bird watching and conservation tour

Day 3 (5th May 2019) Mabuye Meru Hiking

 Day 4 (6th May 2019) : Nature work to Mugera Mashland and Burera Lake View  

Day 5: Pilgrimage Tour at  The Roots of Nyabingi Heritage Center