Bird watching education in MIPC

April 26, 2019

Brief outline of key issues addressed in the event   

(i) Birdwatching club Opening ceremony

Managing Director of Burara youth community with staff of Muhabura Integrated Polytechnic College opened the birdwatching club and promise regular cooperation, training and field visit.  

(ii) Birdwatching mission and vision

-Mission: Inspire and prepare young generation in avitourism and conservation of birds;

-Vision: Qualified bird guide and conservationist in young generation. Enhancing tourism and conservation philosophy in young generation. 

(iii) Introduction to birdwatching

Burera youth community guides trained students of birdwatching club in MIPC on basic skills and knowledge about birds and how to use binocular and other materials. 

   Fig: BYC guides training MIPC students on birdwatching

3) Key messages, outcomes, recommendations

  • Enhance tourism skills in young generation
  • Enhance conservation skills in young generation
  • Qualified future young guides and conservationist

4) Conclusions by the Chair of the event The staff and guides of Burera Youth Community, Muhabura Integrated Polytechnic college staff and students concluded by being aware on birdwatching club for regular cooperation, training and field visit.