The Roots of Nyabingi heritage center

It is located in Burera district at 56 km from Musanze town and spend two…

Burera Belt

Belts of Burera Lake have Panoramic views while surpass your expectations by biking or using…

Bird watching

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Twin lakes Boating

Twin Lake is good destination for Boating Sunrise and Sunset where you experience water experiences,…


Camping Site

Outdoors experiences give opportunity to experiences nature beauty of environments and experiencing outside stay away…



Rwandan culture is richest unique culture in African, where you meet good people and
experiencing nature beauty of Rwanda with its landscape.
The Roots of Nyabingi Heritage Center based in Butaro, in Norther Province which have
enthusiastic Pilgrimage experience of traditional Rwandan believes, Culture experience on
Nyabingi, historical sites and outdoor experience along Rugezi Marshland, Twin Lakes, and
stunning rolling hills of Burera District.

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